2019 Tea Festival

Well here it goes! 2019 I hope you are ready for what I have planned. Getting married in February, organising & hosting Orange, New South Wales’s first Tea Karts Tea Festival in May, introducing more custom tea blends and video interactions with Tea Karts, and more, on top of everything I am continuing on doing from last year! Yes, it’s going to be a great year!

If you’ve been to the Sydney Tea Festival and Melbourne Tea Festival and loved the extra tea & Food events you’ll love this festival!

Hey If you are interested in attending my Tea Festival this year. Head to my website https://teakarts.com.au/event/tea-karts-tea-festival/ or 123 Tix

We are joining with fellow tea business and lovers including The High Tea Mistress, Victoria Henderson and more. As well as with our Orange Venues Charred Kitchen & Bar Zona Kitchen Bar Events The Greenhouse of Orange

Thank you to the Orange City Council Orange360 Silver Compass Tours Destination NSW for your continued support for this event.

Also a shout out to Australian Tea Masters Sharyn Johnston Casa De Cha for your kind words and support for my business & festival.

And I absolutely Couldn’t do it without the love and support of soon to be husband Ned Williams