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What is tea?

White, green and black tea is produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant leaves. The Camellia sinensis plant was first cultivated in China. Chinese monks and European traders later took it to Japan, Sri Lanka and other countries. In the world today there are more than 3,000 types of tea, and each has its unique character, mostly due to where it comes from.

What is the difference between White, Green and Black tea?
 It is the way in which the Camellia Sinensis plant is proceed
-White tea refers to the young leaves of the tea plant, generally the first pick in spring.
-Green tea is steamed and then dried tea plant leaves.
-Black tea is fermented (oxygenated) and then dried tea plant leaves.

How can I make the best cup of tea?
In addition to the tea leaves themselves, quality water and the correct steeping time are decisive when making a good cup of tea. Follow these instructions:
– Use a pre-heated pot or cup.
– The water should always be fresh and cold (Rain or spring water when possible).
– Bring the water to the boil.
– In the case of black tea pour boiling water on the tea leaves. When preparing white or green tea the water should be allowed to cool from boiling to approximately 75 degrees Celsius.
– Allow the tea leaves to steep. For black tea steep for two to five minutes, but for white and green tea steep for a maximum of three minutes.

Why does my Green tea taste bitter?
Your Tea Karts Green tea should taste fresh and feel light, to ensure it does not go bitter, do not poor boiling water onto the tea leaves. Once you have boiled your water allow it to cool to approximately 75 degrees Celsius.

Tea Karts

Where is Tea Karts based?
Tea Karts is based outside Dubbo NSW’s city limits.

Where can I buy Tea Karts teas?
You can purchase tea from this website. PURCHASE NOW
You can also purchase it from our stockists. Find who is close to you.


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Does Tea Karts travel?
Tea Karts will travel for events within Australia.

Where do I find out more about our events and packages?
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