I’m Getting Married

Well here it goes!

2019 I hope you are ready for what I have planned. I am getting married in February, organising & hosting Orange, New South Wales’s first Tea Karts Tea Festival in May, introducing more custom tea blends and video interactions with Tea Karts, and more, on top of everything I am continuing on doing from last year!

I cannot wait to become Mrs Williams. I am so excited and have put tea through out the day, using lots of the Tea Karts Services

-High Tea Service

-Kitchen Tea
-Confetti Tea
-Tea Favors
-Tea Bar

and more!!!

Yes, it’s going to be a great year!

If you are interested in attending my Tea Festival this year. Head to my website https://teakarts.com.au/event/tea-karts-tea-festival/ or 123 Tix