Online Tea Tasting!

Live Tea Tasting Event

with katja Ingham from Tea Karts

Register for Tea Tasting

Join us for what we believe to be a ‘first’ of it’s kind event!

A live online tea tasting

Register and pay just $28 to be sent 3 different blends of tea samples (1 each of Black, Green & Herbal) via the post along with an infuser.

Join us live online on Thursday 23rd November at either 8am or 6pm to be guided by Certified Tea Blender, Katja Ingham, from Tea Karts on a Tea Tasting Journey!

On the day you will need:
-The goodies we have sent you,
-A kettle or saucepan with lid nearby
-Filtered or rain water
-Access to rinsing water between each tea tasting

Join us!