Tea Bar & High Tea Service

Hosting a High Tea is perfect for Week Day or Weekend Garden Parties, Kitchen Teas, Hen Parties, House Warmings and Baby Showers.

Hire Tea Karts to do all the hard work and make your event and day special!
We can take care of the lot: from our in house handmade blended loose leaf teas to your hand selected menu and range of fine china tea wares.

Our Suggested High Tea Menu

**We are very flexible, our menu is adaptable and can cater to any of your needs.

Frittata Mini
Scones with Jam & Cream

Selection of 3 Sandwiches
Egg & lettuce Chicken & walnut
Lamb, cheese & avocado
Sweet potato, bean & lettuce
Chicken & Pesto
Ham, cheese & pickles

Selection of 3 sweets
Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts
Peppermint Slice
Caramel Slice
Mini Carrot Cakes
Mini Red Velvet Cakes
Mini Hummingbird Cakes

Additional cost for High Tea & Iced/Hot Tea Service

Our standard package.

A high tea event lasts two hours with two staff, in addition to a one hour preparation and a thirty minute pack up.
A total 3.5 hours. 


Tea Bar & High Tea Service 1
Tea Bar & High Tea Service 2
High Tea Service & Tea Bar

six savoury and sweets menu items of your choice

1x Iced tea, 3x hot tea & coffee (bags or instant of your choice brand)

Ice tea dispenser - Your choice of one Tea Karts tea blends

Fine bone or general designed cup & saucers

Water station- a choice of plain or flavoured waters

Three tiered cake stands

Tea pots

Side plate





Tea infuser

Iced/ Hot Tea Bar

Iced tea or hot teas

Ice tea- Your choice up to four Tea Karts tea blends

Mini milk bottles with straws

Hot tea- Your choice of eighteen Tea Karts tea blends

Fine bone china cup & saucers

Water station- a choice of plain or flavoured waters

Tea pots


Decorative bunting

More Options

 There is the option to add additional time to incorporate multiple serving times for example expand your event from a 10 am brunch to also include lunch

Optional overtime rate

Add more items to our delicious menu


For the pricing of staff and the staff rate recommended for your event please email Tea Karts- [email protected]

Please note we require a timely set up and pack up environment, if we are delayed by means out of our control and set up or pack up exceeds the allocated time then the optional overtime rate will apply.

Fuel/ Travel

Depending on your location within the Central West, NSW or Australia; travel costs will apply.
Dubbo NSW town limits includes free travel

Dietary Requirements

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options are available however they will alter the price per head.


*The Iced Tea Bar standard package is self-service. This package is upgradable to a served service.
**The Hot Tea bar standard packages comes with a minimum of one staff member. This package is also upgradable to a fully served service.
***If you wish for your tea to be served from the bar, by tray service or table service staff can be provided at an additional cost.